Sunday, June 28, 2009

June 27, 2009

I made banana bread on Friday night with Sydney's help. I love to cook and I've passed that love to my children. We sit and watch Food Network together. Throwdown with Bobby Flay is their favorite. Sydney told me once that I should throwdown with Bobby Flay. When I asked her what I could cook that could beat Bobby Flay's cooking, she told me that I could cook my Thanksgiving dinner.

Shaun is always trying new food combinations. The other day he decided that eating tomatoes on tortilla chips was a very tasty way to do it. And the things that he mixes with his milk...well, not for the faint at heart. But I see someone who loves to cook and that makes me happy.

Back to the banana bread. This was a nice looking loaf of moist banana bread until Shaun discovered his love for it. I knew that he was eating it throughout the morning. What I didn't realize was how. The bread looks like it has been attacked by small rodents. little chipmunk!