Friday, January 9, 2009

Day 9

I got a new zoom lens for Christmas. I've been waiting for my first basketball game to try it out. Tonight was the night. I drove down a very slippery highway to get to Martensdale so that I could watch Zeb play. Sydney and Haoyi went with me. When we walked in, all of the good seats were taken so we went up to the balcony area to sit with Papa and Grandma.

I pulled out my zoom hoping that it would be close enough to get a few good shots. Wow! It's fabulous. I'm so glad that I have it. I try not to wish that I'd had the lens while Hannah played. I try to live in the moment with basketball. I try to forget the pain that she endured.

I heard Sawyer Brown on the radio last night when I got into the car. It immediately took me back to the night that Hannah was named MVP of the State tournament. Sawyer Brown sang between the 3A championship and the 4A championship games. I wish that it made me happy to hear him...after all, that was a very happy night.

Instead it makes me sad. I wish that she hadn't endured so much pain. I look through my zoom lens and hope to get good photos of Zeb. I try to live in the moment. I don't do it well.


  1. Great shot! congrats on your new lens!

  2. I'm sure you'll find lot of uses for your new lens. I have one, not the expensive one, but I haven't really had a use for it yet.

  3. GREAT shot!!!

    All these great photos and talk of lenses makes me sad I'll never be able to get one. Oh well, live in the moment right?

    My camera is fine, my camera is fine, my camera is fine..............