Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day 7 - My Shoes

I couldn't help but take this photo when I saw you walking around in my shoes. You clothed in Dora pajamas and my big shoes. How fun was that?

And it reminded me of your growth. You loved Dora from the time that you first came home. I didn't know how I would feel about your time watching TV but I loved Dora. I loved her so much that you would sit on the bed and watch her while I would get ready for work in the morning. We would watch the opening credits together. There was a great big orange beach ball and we'd wait for the camera to pan in on it and when we'd see it, I'd yell "beach ball" and jump up and down. You LOVED that.

Dora no longer excites you the way she did. You've grown out of her a bit. And, although you may never physically grow feet as large as Mommy's, you will in so many ways fill shoes so much larger than Mommy. I love you, my Stinker Winker Bear.


  1. B had a love of Dora, too, that has faded...but she won't let me get rid of the Dora DVD's yet.... Great memory

  2. Linda, your journaling is so great! It's sad i only have old middle aged girls who say, eeewww when ever they see Dora anymore...

  3. Great perspective! They go through these childhood "heros" so quickly -- mine are even way over Hannah Montana!

  4. this is sooo great! Love the perspective!