Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day 16 - Hot Breakfast

Weekday mornings have a routine to them. Most mornings I need to be out of the house at 7:15 with Haoyi but on Thursdays, I need to leave at 7:00.

Before I can leave, I need to wake Sydney and dress her. That part is funny because if I tried to dress her any other time, she would have a fit! But it's part of our routine. She snuggles into a ball on my lap and lets me scratch her back. We then brush her hair and she is ready. With Shaun I only need to wake him up and put his clothes on his bed.

Then, the final thing that I do is tell them that I have Ramen noodles on the table for them. Neither of them have ever been good breakfast eaters. It doesn't matter that I know how important it is...they just don't like to eat when they get up in the morning.

But all of that changed one morning when Sydney asked me to give her Ramen noodles for breakfast. Since then, Ramen noodles has become part of our routine. I don't know if it will last when the weather turns nice but for now, I can take satisfaction in knowing that my children are beginning the day with a hot breakfast.


  1. Oh, Bethany would love to have ramen noodles for breakfast (well, actually for all 3 meals, if she could! :) )

    I'm also impressed that Shaun gets himself dressed. I still have to help Bethany get dressed on school mornings because if I let her do it herself, she wouldn't make it to school until noon! :)

  2. too cute! And my kids love Ramen noodles- I should tell them they can have them for b-fast too. They hate b-fast most days.

  3. That's exactly the brand and flavor ramen my girls love for breakfast - actually it's eaten about 4:30 p.m. but it is our first meal of the day on the night shift!

  4. oh, my girls love ramen noodles. I'm sure if I made them for breakfast they would always go to school with a hot breakfast. Yup, Katie just said "You bet I would! I love Ramen Noodles..can you make some tomorrow, please, please, please?"