Monday, January 5, 2009

Day 5 - Children's Laughter

It's cold here in Iowa and the kids have had colds. So normally, Mommy would say that they couldn't go to the hot tub with Daddy. But since Daddy had already asked, Mommy decided that she should not contradict Daddy.

They get about 5 minutes in the hot tub and then I rush out with the big beach towels and hurry them back into the house. And as I could hear them outside giggling with their dad I realized that this time I'd made a good decision. They may not remember sitting in the hot tub with their dad...but they'll remember the emotions of having fun with their dad. I know this because I have the same memories with my dad.


  1. Smart mom! Fun picture and I am so jealous of your hot tub. I'd love to get warm tonight. We are freezing here!

  2. We have a hot tub, too, it was here when we bought the house but we've only used it a couple of times. The steam is probably good for their congestion!

  3. I bet the hot tub feels good but I can't imagine what getting out must feel like BRRRRR!

    I too think you made a good choice, the memories will last a lifetime!

  4. having fun with dad is always good, great photo!